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Care for your Senses.

From facial teas to serum and body oil, if you are interested in purchasing any of these products please explore the online shop. 


Pink daisy variety unknown

Facial Tea/Aromatic Steam for Sinuses and Face

Steam your sinuses to relieve tension headaches and boost immunity, loosen constricted sinus passageways. And steam your pores with antibacterial, antiviral components from plants who help with balancing skin and reduces break outs. Not to mention unwinding at the end of the day over a bowl of herbs and flowers can be a delightful way to boost physical health reduce stress and the environmental impact on skin. Find under the service menu, includes a 15 min consult to determine best ingredients (digital apt) 

Everlasting Serum


Helichrysum (or the Everlasting flower) is the star ingredient in this anti bruise, anti inflammatory, skin repairing formula.


Ingredient description: Helichrysum italicum essential oil was added to a based of apricot kernal oil,  Prunus sect. Armeniaca which had been infused with everlasting flowers. Olive oil infused with Arnica, Arnica montana, St. John's Wort,  Hypericum perforatum and Hemp seeds, Cannabis sativa were added to reduce pain and inflammation. Rosehip seed oil was included for its cell regeneration properties and jojoba, Simmondsia chinensis for improved skin penetration.*Arnica is in the Asteraceae family for anyone sensitive to daisy allergens. This product can be used on the face following a medical esthetics procedure that creates bruising or tender tissue. It is also a great match for those seeking skin regenerative properties and repair, for acneic skin, troubled, even aging skin. When using a serum, remember it is best applied to damp skin. You can dampen skin with water or I recommend pairing this treatment with a hydrosol. Also please note, these products are all natural without preserving agents. Please use in 6-9 months.
Wholesale and backbar pricing available

* WIX, requires in order to list a product that contains Hemp, it must be noted: This product is non psychoactive and to be used topically only, and has NO CBD or THC included in the composition. Hulled hemp seeds offer antiinflammatory benefits. 

Royal Body oil

I am honored to share this oil blend. It applies well, soaks in with ease and the scent is delightfully complex to describe and experience! This may be due to the richness of the oils and plants selected. This royal recipe is exclusive with only 18 bottles available.

I would begin with why "Royal" appears in the title. I use it with respect to the tree ingredients. First an olive oil (chosen for the symbolism of the seed and tree) was soaked for six months in the sacred resin from the Frankincense tree, Botswellia Serrata. Please pause over this beautiful and ancient tree, whose survival has drastically decreased, in part due to the impossibly large demand for the resin. When resin is extracted from a tree, the process of the extraction is referred to as bleeding the tree. The resin, is collected by making deep gashes into the tree trunk where the sap collected is referred to as tears. The tears carry medicinal properties used by the ancients and being researched by science today. When I interact with the tears of this sacred tree, I do so with reverence and respect, and with deep appreciation for what has been provided, and now being shared with you. 


The aroma begins fresh, then adds layers interlaced with warmth and coolness, enveloping your senses with a cinnamon hug. The plants offer pain relief from the creosote, lavender peppermint and turmeric. Then the Ho wood essential oil, gives antispasmodic antiseptic as well as, sedative properties. Tamanu seed oil offers incredible regenerative healing for skin and is healing for sunburns and irritated skin. Peppermint essential oil plays a role in balancing the nervous system, Red raspberry seed oil boosts skin hydration while offering high levels of Alpha-Linoleic Acid, which are anti-inflammatory and soothing for problem skin including, psoriasis, eczema and acne.

The scent and experience is transportive and layered. The oil is gender inclusive, untraditional and comforting. It is an aroma I keep returning to smell. It is luxury for your skin and soul. To be applied topically to skin; shelf life up to two years. 


Ingredients, Safflower oil infused with creosote, Larrea tridenta, and lavender and added Lavendula angustifolia essential oil, Avocado oil, Persea gratissima , Jojoba, Simmondsia chinenis,  Sesame seed oil, Sesamum indicum, Olive oil Olea europea, infused with Boswellia Seratta, Tamanu seed oil, Caulophyllum inophyllum,  Red raspberry seed oil, Rubus idaeus, Meadowfoam seed oil, Limnanthes alba, and Cinnamon, Cinnamonum zeylanicum, Ho, Cinnamonum camphora linalool, Rosemary Rosmarinus Off. Cineole, Tumeric, Curcuma zedoaria Roscoe, peppermint, Mentha x piperita essential oils. 

Please consider the Frankincense (Botswellia) tree the next time you purchase cleansers, detergents, room spays and other one time use products using this sacred tree. The resin now being produced is from very old trees. New trees have not grown in the past 30 years due to the increase of agricultural farming. The cows eat the seedlings along with the grass. So you have hundred year old trees being required to produce an ever growing demand for the resin. I never want to discourage the relationship and use of this tree's medicine, but I do ask you to come with respect. 

Lavender and Creosote Oil 

Craving the scent of desert rain? These aromatics were designed to expand your senses and allow for a deep breath in. Then, exhale that which is not in your hands.
Creosote, Larrea tridentata and Lavender, Lavendula angustifolia offer anti bacterial healing for minor wounds like scrapes and cuts and first degree burns. Lavendula angustifolia essential oil was added to enhance relaxation. The chemical synchrony of eugenol and linalol will encourage your limbic system to unwind. This product may be used for physical or emotional support. It is intended for topical use. Shelf life is up to 1 year.

ackbar pricing available.

Ingredients, Creosote, Larrea tridentata Lavender, Lavendula angustifolia infused in Safflower oil, Lavendula angustifolia essential oil.

Aromatherapy Extras

Each aromatic blend is a personal and unique creation. Most aromatherapy appointments include a consultation prior to the development of your personalized aromatherapy product.
Should you desire additional products, I have a collection of herbal infused base oils for topical use, bath salts, hydrosols, essential oils and flower essences. Products vary in cost from $15 to $150 (Price is dependent on amount and cost of materials). 

Hand blended bath salts

Epsom salt with added flowers, herbs and essential oils to calm skin and treat the psyche as well as the physical body. Relax and let the botanicals work for you.

Flower essence

Flower essences are captured using water, sunlight and plant material. The flower leaves a vibrational impression on the water, which is then bottled in brandy.

Rose quartz mixed with rose petals

Flower petals, herbs, and even crystals are used in formulating the right aromatherapy blend.

Safflower oil infused with hemp seed, rose petals, helichrysum and carnation.

Safflower oil infused with hemp seed, rose petals, helichrysum and carnation. This blend was developed for pms and cramps associated with the menstrual cycle.

Lavender in a bottle

Herbs like lavender can be added to liquid infusions.

Rose hydrosol with Quartz

Hydrosols are made by distilling plant materials (or flowers) in water. They can be used as a facial toner, on fabric, in cooking!

"A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships."  Helen Keller
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