Each aromatic blend is a personal and unique creation. Most aromatherapy appointments include a consultation prior to the development of your personalized aromatherapy product.


Should you desire additional products, I have a collection of herbal infused base oils for topical use, bath salts, hydrosols, essential oils and flower essences. Products vary in cost from $15 to $150 (Price is dependent on amount and cost of materials). 

Hand blended bath salts

Epsom salt with added flowers, herbs and essential oils to calm skin and treat the psyche as well as the physical body. Relax and let the botanicals work for you.

Flower essence

Flower essences are captured using water, sunlight and plant material. The flower leaves a vibrational impression on the water, which is then bottled in brandy.

Rose quartz mixed with rose petals

Flower petals, herbs, and even crystals are used in formulating the right aromatherapy blend.

safflower oil infused with hemp seed, ro

Safflower oil infused with hemp seed, rose petals, helichrysum and carnation. This blend was developed for pms and cramps associated with the menstrual cycle.

Lavender in a bottle

Herbs like lavender can be added to liquid infusions.

Rose hydrosol with Quartz

Hydrosols are made by distilling plant materials (or flowers) in water. They can be used as a facial toner, on fabric, in cooking!

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