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Customized Face Serum

Botanical oils, hand blended with care, designed for your personal skin goals

hand blended serum

Your Customized Face Serum is designed for your own skin's needs. 

A unique and personal beauty product designed and custom blended for your skin concerns.  This is not a one size fits all approach to beauty. This is couture skin care. I use ethically produced plant oils, which are carefully researched and matched with your skin. 

Serums can be used to treat problem areas like break outs, address hydration by moisturizing skin, reduce irritation, balance skin pH, relieve signs of aging, and nourish your cells and soul. Serums are not gender specific, those who shave their faces often experience sensitivity and ingrown hairs. Serums are enhanced and penetrate deeper layers of skin when applied to damp skin. I recommend pairing with a Hydrosol, which we can discuss during your appointment. Plant based ingredients offer anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, along with skin healing and nourishing components. These ingredients will be selected and formulated for your skin's unique care. 

This appointment includes a consult where together we will identify your skin type and establish skincare need and goals. We can meet in person or digitally (online). Serum will be available (mailed) a week following the appointment. 


$85,  Serum + Consult  

Appointments available  Wednesday - Saturday

Book Appointments Online, Service Menu   

My inspiration for hand blend customizable serums began while working as an esthetician. One of the facial treatments I created was called the Phyto Facial, for which a customized oil serum was used in facial massage and/or during lymphatic drainage.
Many of my customized natural beauty products and self care products have been used in beauty and skin treatment services. However, the root of my inspiration is nature. I love the plants and trees, flowers, leaves and stems. They work together and with us to heal our skin and repair our spirits.


Serums are custom blended
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