Selfcare Services • Customized Skincare Products


Care for your Self by taking care of your Skin

Nurture your skin and your Self with a skin care routine using Natural Ingredients

Featuring Digital/Online Appointments

Oil Cleansing – 55 min $75, (30 ml Living libations, Best Skin Ever Oil cleanser included)

Cleansing oils contain natural solvents that are lipophilic (attracted to other oils), including sebum and the oil-like ingredients in sunscreens and make-up. The benefits of using a cleansing oil include removal of sunscreen, debris and make-up, the oils work with other cleansing agents should you choose to double cleanse, and instead stripping pH, skin remains supple and smooth. Cleanser and cleansing techniques will be selected for your skin type and condition, and we will discuss how/when to incorporate the oil cleanse into your routine. Many notice when their skin is hydrated and balanced, acne and blackheads disappear, while tone and hydration remain present.


Follow Along – 30 min $55

Skin and health changes and adjustments to your routine may be desired. Certain conditions like dehydration, acne and hormonal breakouts will benefit from ongoing appointments and may require multiple steps to achieve skin goals. In our appointment we’ll review what’s working and adjust where needed. We may explore additional techniques for skin health, and the abundance of natural skincare ingredients in order to choose what’s best for your skin type.



Dry Brushing – 30 min $75 (dry brush included)

This is a fun and interactive appointment where we will explore lymphatic drainage for improved skin health. This technique encourages the movement of toxins through the body and can brighten and tighten skin, reduce acne and breakouts, while encouraging the elimination of waste from the body. We will review the technique (a visual guide is provided) then practice it together. This is a quick, easy and fun way to improve your overall health and encourage a youthful glow in your skin.

Training for the Professional – 60 min $80

An appointment geared for those already licensed in skincare or other body work professionals. This is an hour to discuss natural ingredients, essential oils and other botanical ingredients with another skincare professional. Do you want to include essential oils or aromatherapy products in your practice? I would love to work with you to assist how you can safely and easily incorporate a variety of natural botanicals to enhance your practice in skincare. 

Meet with me digitally in the comfort of your home to explore healthful ways to practice self care by nurturing your skin.

I graduated from a natural skincare school in 2017, and then completed the first level of certification in Aromatherapy. Since then I have been able to research, as well as observe the power of using natural plant based ingredients on the skin. I have an understanding of your epidermal layers and how products (plant oils) penetrate, as well as which plant ingredients to combine for the variety of skin types and the health of our outermost epidermal layers.


My focus is to provide relaxation through the senses, using natural ingredients to guide your skin into its best condition. I am using my skills and unique knowledge to create customized skincare products, as well as provide a menu for online/digital self care services.

Book a service by texting 505.977.4331 

Appointments available  M - W  9-4 Mountain time,

Texts will be returned during working hours; confirmation for appointments to be sent 24 hours before appointment.

 Custom Skincare Products

Botanical oils, hand blended with care, created for you

A unique and personal beauty product designed and custom blended for your skin concerns.  This is not a one size fits all approach to beauty. This is couture skin care. For more details including pricing, click on the Face Serum Tab on Menu Bar, top of screen. 

Book a service by texting 505.977.4331 

Appointments available  

M - W  9-4 Mountain time,

Texts will be returned during working hours; confirmation for appointments to be sent 24 hours before appointment.

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