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 Cognitive Sensory Therapy • Selfcare Services • Custom Formulations

Care for your Self by supporting your senses

Natural Skincare

Meet with me digitally, in the comfort of your home to explore healthful ways to nurture your senses and spirit.

Services for skin and soul

Professional Consultation with Essential Oils

Conversations of Spirit

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Workshop Materials

Training - Workshops

As a trainer I charge $75 hourly. I travel to offices, esthetics & massage schools, and staff retreats. Training topics can be based on a workshop such as Heart healings or customized for a group. Training topics can be found on the training tab. Sliding scale is available, please inquire.

I graduated from a natural skincare school in 2017, and then completed the first level of certification as an Aromatherapist. Both practices provided time to observe and research a range of skincare products while determining how the chemical components of plant oils and essential oils penetrate and/or are absorbed into the skin. I also have an education that focused on clinical mental health and counseling, which led my fascination with essential oil components, small enough to pass through the blood brain barrier.  The olfactory nerve ends with the Amygdala, which is the emotional seat of the brain. This means aroma/scent can alter mood and influence our body chemistry to encourage healing. 
I am combining my education and experiences, like ingredients, to offer relaxation through the senses, using the healing components (medicine) of plants. I am creating customized healing products for your skin and senses. This is Phyto (plant) Care.

I welcome you into a quiet place to experience the gift of receiving. The menu is an invitation for you to put down your stressors and take a breath as you to reconnect with your Self  through your senses. 


treatment room

Appointments available  Wednesday - Saturday

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