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Skincare as Self Care

my skincare manifesto  (aka know who you are working with)

Thank you for perusing my services. I am a licensed skincare professional who wants to meet you exactly where you are at. I believe in teaching the practice of skin Care. I understand that to better take care of each other and this beautiful world we are all a part of, we must know and practice how to care for our Self.

My aim, is that your skincare routine become an expression of self-appreciation. A cleansing routine can be a ritual to support your best self and include intentions for the day. It can also serve as a practice to transition both face and mind, from day time occupations into relaxing steps for slowing down.

I welcome anyone who has felt uncomfortable in their own skin. It is my professional endeavor to create a space where you can relax and begin to explore the beauty of your Self.

I want to encourage your beauty to unfurl from within. Skin offers us an observation point from which to view the body and the health of its systems. I can observe your pores and elasticity, and watch for the stories your body’s largest organ (your skin) has to share.

I believe skin is inclusive of every one, and that it is time to stop supporting unrealistic, racist, ageist, exclusively able bodies, as our beauty goal(s). I will not promote one version of beauty, I embrace diversity in all its wisdom.

I believe skin is a tool for empowerment and I view purchasing power as a way to express values. I strive to support small, fair trade business, female business owners, and business owners from diverse communities, companies who are cruelty free and harvest ethically sourced plant materials.

I keep the plants in mind when deciding which skincare products and lines to recommend. I ask you to please be aware of which plants and trees you choose to use in your routine. Our oceans health is at risk and so are our rain forests. Several species of sacred trees are routinely used by the beauty industry including Frankincense, Sandalwood, Baobob, and Cedarwood. Many of these trees have within their family (Genus), species that are threatened and/or on the endangered species list. And while companies don't harvest what is endangered they readily take from the species that are not. I have a tough time with this, because resources (forests and animals relying on them) are precious, and so are the communities who depend on their harvest. Because of the complexity, as well as the healing properties these life forms offer the skin, I will upon occasion, recommend a product sourced from trees.

Nature is my guide. Eco systems work together to support growth and I will work with you and the whole planetary community (inclusive of plants, trees, insects, natural habitat, animals and humans) to do the same.

I am here to witness the map of your facial features with all its colors and dimension; how lines and creases host laughter and struggle. With gentle hands, I want to feel the indents and scars, the pimples, bumps and irritation you describe as imperfect. The condition of your skin speaks about your past and present. I will listen, and help you move towards what you are striving to reach in the future.

Digital/Online SkincareMenu

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Skincare 101 – 50 min $70

This consult is especially helpful for men, women and teens and starts with a conversation about your skincare goal(s). Explore the basics of what skincare products are designed to do, or review the products you already have and match them to your skincare goals. Learn techniques to improve skin health and develop a cleansing protocol designed for your skin type. Based on what you want to achieve regarding your skin’s health, we will construct a morning/evening skincare routine as I guide and make recommendations aimed to reach your skincare goals. Your personalized skincare steps and consultation notes will be shared electronically following the appointment. To schedule your follow up, check out skincare 102.



Skincare 102 – 30 min $55

This is a follow up appointment based on your initial skincare 101 consult. Skin changes and adjustments to your routine may be desired. Certain skin conditions, like acne and hormonal breakouts will benefit from ongoing consultation and may require multiple steps to achieve skin goals. In our appointment we’ll review what’s working and adjust where needed. We may develop more advanced techniques for skin health, explore the abundance of natural skincare ingredients and choose what’s best for your skin type.



Oil Cleansing – 30 min $70, (30 ml Living libations, Best Skin Ever Oil cleanser included)

Cleansing oils contain natural solvents that are lipophilic (attracted to other oils), including sebum and the oil-like ingredients in sunscreens and make-up. The benefits of using a cleansing oil include removal of sunscreen, debris and make-up, the oils work with other cleansing agents should you choose to double cleanse, and instead stripping pH, skin remains supple and smooth. Cleanser and cleansing techniques will be selected for your skin type and condition, and we will discuss how/when to incorporate the oil cleanse into your routine. Many notice when their skin is hydrated and balanced, acne and blackheads disappear, while tone and hydration remain present.



Dry Brushing – 30 min $70 (dry brush included)

This is a fun and interactive appointment where we will explore lymphatic drainage for improved skin health. This technique encourages the movement of toxins through the body and can brighten and tighten skin, reduce acne and breakouts, while encouraging the elimination of waste from the body. We will review the technique (a visual guide is provided) then practice it together. This is a quick, easy and fun way to improve your overall health and encourage a youthful glow in your skin.

 In-Person Facial Menu

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The One of a Kind Facial is designed to nurture skin (and psyche) while bringing balance through hydration and exfoliation. Begin with a soothing aromatic facial cleanse, followed by a skin analysis and mini consult about skin care routine. Relax and inhale the scent of plants, herbs and flowers as your skin is toned then massaged with almond or jojoba oil. Lymphatic drainage will encourage the elimination of toxins and may be paired with gentle face cupping to increase circulation (great for break outs and softens age lines). Exfoliation techniques are matched with skin type and condition. For example rosehip seed powder may be added to your cleanser or a fruit enzyme may be applied as a mask. The skin on your scalp is included too, and while a mask is hydrating your face your scalp gets treated to a calming massage. This facial service ends with moisture, balance and a glow that should leave you smiling. 60 min treatment, $85


The Phyto (meaning of a plant; or relating to plants) Facial takes a deeper step into customized skincare. This service is inspired by the elegance of botanical ingredients and features hand blended masks and serums. Your treatment begins with an aromatic cleanse using plant oils and aromatherapy to soothe your skin and senses. A skin analysis and mini consult will be followed with an aromatic steam, using a selection of herbs and flowers for relaxation as well as skin conditioning. An additional helping of herbs will be packaged for you to take home and extend the pleasure of caring for your Self. Following the aromatic steam, a treatment mask will be custom blended (with an additional amount provided for home use). Melt into peaceful relaxation while a face serum is applied using a Kansa wand. Kansa wands are part of the Ayurvedic tradition used to detoxify and tone the skin. The wand is constructed with a round metal base made from bronze, copper and tin which simultaneously conditions the skin while encouraging lymphatic drainage. The oil serum used for this treatment will be hand blended with individual oils selected for your skin type and condition. Further hydration and toning with aromatic waters completes this couturier facial. And walk away with two customized products for continued self (and skin) care. 60 min treatment, $120


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Nurture your skin and your Self with practiced hands and healing gifts from the natural world. Book a service with me


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