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Meet with me digitally, in the comfort of your home to explore healthful ways to nurture your senses and spirit.
Cognitive Sensory appointments & Skincare may be conducted In Person through Suite103, in Tucson

Cognitive Sensory appointment

Using essential oils as agents for healing mind body, or soul requires time and participation from us both. Appointments begin with a consultation ranging from 45 minutes to an hour. During our shared time, we will explore what you are pursuing to heal and collect a relevant medical history. Following the consultation, I begin researching the plants and essential oils I will use to formulate your aromatherapy blend.  Each plant and ingredient is selected and based on the information we discuss in your consultation. Your unique formulation is hand blended for you to use aromatically (inhalation) or topically. Additional products and/or recommendations may be provided during your consultation. All aromatic formulas will be provided within a week of the appointment. 

Heart Healings


This unique Aromatherapy appointment offers an opportunity to assist in the creation of an essential oil blend that will address your personal heart healing. The appointment begins with breath work, followed by a journal exercise exploring questions focused on what your heart is asking for. If you have an in person appointment, we will create an essential oil blend together; if we meet digitally a blend will be created based on the journal exercise you complete. This appointment is recommended for those seeking support while exploring an emotional or energetic life transitions. Sliding scale available.

Aromatic Herbal Steam (2 servings)

Open pores and sinuses while breathing in the healing aroma of rosemary, chamomile, mint, lavender, eucalyptus, rose and more. Heat opens the plants so essential oils are released to soothe and open both nasal passageways and pores. Herbal steams can help heal blemishes, improve hydration and product penetration, all while inhaling and exhaling aromatic bliss. 

Following a quick consult exploring your skin or sinus concerns, we will match dried plants, flowers and herbs to your unique needs. A custom blend herbal steam will be created for you, and mailed within a week of purchase.

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I graduated from a natural skincare school in 2017, and then completed the first level of certification as an Aromatherapist. Both practices provided time to observe and research a range of skincare products while determining how the chemical components of plant oils and essential oils penetrate and/or are absorbed into the skin. I also have an education that focused on clinical mental health and counseling, which led my fascination with essential oil components, small enough to pass through the blood brain barrier.  The olfactory nerve ends in the Amygdala, which is the emotional seat of the brain. This means aroma/scent can alter mood and influence our body chemistry to encourage healing. 
My practice applies knowledge from the field of esthetics. I am combining my education and experiences, like ingredients, to offer relaxation through the senses, using the healing components (medicine) of plants. I am creating customized healing products for your skin and senses. This is Phyto (plant) Care.

It seems the world we are presently experiencing is out of balance between the Feminine (receptive) energies and the Masculine (direct) actions. I welcome you into a sacred quiet place to experience the gift of receiving. The menu is an invitation for you to put down your stressors, take a breath and allow me to hold space as you to reconnect with your Self  through your senses. 



 Custom, Hand Blended Botanical Oils and Serums
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A unique and personal beauty product designed and custom blended for your skin concerns.  This is not a one size fits all approach to beauty. This is couture skin care. For more details check out the Face serums, or a custom Self Care product.

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