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PODCAST, Beauty Republic

Marissa and Kristina are sharing ideas, opinions and education on a variety of topics under the canopy of the beauty industry but through the lens of inclusivity and the intent to deconstruct colonialist ideals. We also plan to deeply explore ways we can care for our Selves while respecting all the living entities of our planet, through awareness and conservation. If you ever wondered what your esthetician thought, this is the time to tune in.


Find the Beauty Republic Podcast on Spotify or Apple

Also...We are looking to include folks in our communities who you think are worth interviewing. If you know of an artisan or beauty/skincare/cosmo professional who is changing the landscape of the industry through inclusive or progressive practices, or who is contributing in a way which promotes positive social change and growth, let us know. You can submit names and contact info by texting

520. 329. 3777 or emailing

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