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The chemical components of plants, trees, herbs flowers, resins, root and leaves help us feel grounded, less anxious and have the ability to assist in the management of pain, help strengthen our immune system, decrease stress and fatigue, support our ability to focus and experience an increased sense of well being. I use ethically sourced essential oils to blend for emotional and energetic support.

A masters degree counseling and licensing as an aesthetician, provides a foundation for understanding the body and integumentary system from an emotional and academic perspective. I completed further certification in the studies of death midwifery to expand my skills and work with the dying and bereaved, using essential oils for comfort and care. My certification in aromatherapy is a level I, and in order to achieve this I completed 265 in person supervised hours of study, led multiple case studies, passed testing in chemistry, anatomy and physiology as well as the  taxonomy of plants. My passion for the natural world directs the way I interact with the oils and the plants themselves. I pay attention to the species of trees who are endangered and select companies and essential oils that are ethically sourced and produced with care. 

Aromatherapy Apt       $150, $75 (sliding scale or trade)

Using essential oils as agents for healing mind body, or soul requires time and participation from us both. Appointments begin with a consultation ranging from 45 minutes to an hour. During our shared time,  we will explore what you are pursuing to heal and collect a relevant medical history. Following the consultation, I begin researching the plants and essential oils I will use to formulate your aromatherapy blend.  Each plant and ingredient is selected and based on the information we discuss in your consultation. Your unique formulation is hand blended for you to use aromatically (inhalation) or topically.


Additional products and/or recommendations may be provided during your consultation. All aromatic formulas will be provided within a week of the appointment.

The chemical components of essential oils can be used for a variety of healing ranging from the physical to the emotional. Aromatherapy can be used to enhance a meditation practice, ease anxiety or provide comfort during a time of loss. While there are three focuses for an aromatherapy appointment listed below, if you have something specific or outside these topics you wish to discuss please let me know. 

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

When we identify the issues creating stress we can match and explore how certain essential oils can support your well being. An essential oil blend will be created to help support your efforts in reducing symptoms of stress, ie. restlessness, tension, muscle pain, headaches and more.

Facing Fear of Death

Many of us fear death, whether it is our own or the death of a beloved. Through a private and supportive conversation we can talk about your own mortality or the death of a loved one. I began offering this service after completing a certification as a death midwife (death doula). I feel, western culture doesn’t address or discuss death and this leads to fear of the unknown. Death is something we will experience, it is personal and can be empowering rather than a topic to avoid. Based on our discussion, an aromatic blend will be created for your support as you explore the impermanence of life.

DIY: Creating a Personalized Self Care Plan

Are you a Do It Yourself (DIY) person? Do you have a bunch of essential oils that you want to use, or don’t know how to use? This appointment explores ways to use plants and herbs around you (you don’t have to have a garden, or essential oils) and the supplies you have in your home to develop healthy life practices in support for your body’s immunity and well being. Recipes for using essential oils or plant based products will be shared by email so you can DIY. 

Aromatherapy appointments may be booked online through the Beauty Republic Website, https://www.beaut yrepublicaz.com/.  



Aromatherapy Products

Each aromatic blend is a personal and unique creation. Most appointments include a personalized aromatherapy product. Should you desire additional products, I have a collection of herbal infused base oils for topical use, bath salts, hydrosols, essential oils and flower essences. Additional products may be discussed during the consult. An add on products vary in cost from $15 to $50 (Price is dependent on amount and cost of materials)

*  Due to Recent Health Concerns with the Corona virus, appointments are being offered through phone, facetime, zoom or skype. Please anticipate paying electronically. I am offering a sliding fee scale and am happy to discuss trade.

What are hydrosols?
Distilling Hydrosols

* Please note I am not a doctor, I do not claim to diagnose treat or cure any diseases. I am not a licensed counselor and aromatherapy is not counseling. Aromatherapy can offer support to your well-being with plant-based formulas & other self-care techniques.  

End of Life Aromatherapy

End of Life

Aromatherapy Services

Scent can be used to calm but can also be agitating. Knowing how to safely use essential oils with regard to dilution and application is imperative and comes not from a background with an essential oil company but through certification and academic study.

When I think about the practice of aromatherapy with people entering the last steps of their physical journey, I lean towards offering aromatic support that thru scent may ease the physical and energetic body as it winds down. 

Interested in learning more about end of life services, or explore working with an end of life doula? Take a look at Tucson End of Life Doulas, (TEOLD), https://tucsonendoflifedoulas.com/

End of Life Aromatherapy  $125, $95 (sliding fee scale or trade)

 *  Due to Recent Health Concerns with the Corona virus, appointments in person will need to be discussed prior to travel. Safety, both yours and mine are important to maintain, so please call me to discuss your individual situation. Accommodations may have to be made, but don't let this stop you from calling, we will figure out a plan together.


I will travel to your bedside or home to provide an hour of aromatic support which may include diffusing scent for relaxation, the application of a custom herbal blend to hands or feet, the use of hydrosols for emotional care and support, hand crafted herbal oil infusions used as a base for essential oils and more.

Appointments center on providing comfort with dignity to the person dying, as well as relief to those present and providing care. Appointments do not include medical care or advise. I am happy to answer questions you may have through email, kldazllc@gmail.com.

Blending for Grief  $105, $75 (sliding scale or trade)

This appointment will be used to identify the emotions one experiences following significant loss. Education and information will be shared about essential oils that can provide comfort and support to the bereaved. Based on the consult, together we will develop a unique essential oil blend for you to use aromatically (inhalation) or topically. 

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."   T.S. Eliot

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