A beautiful co-distillation of geranium and rose hydrosol. Geranium softens the aroma of the rose and balances the pH for the face as a toner. Can be mixed with face masks, used to spritz skin for hydration and as an aftershave. Interestingly, geranuim hydrosol and essential oil, is not made from the flowers, but the leaves and stems of the plant. This is what provides antiseptic care, as well as changes the chemistry and aroma in a co-distillation. This hydrosol is produced by the same distiller as the rose, and the plants are hand tended in rural Michigan. The care provided to the plants has as much impact on scent and strength as the soil the plants are grown in. Shelf life up to 1 year, keep out of sunlight and heat. 

Geranium and Rose Hydrosol 4 oz by Blossomland Botanicals

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