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I became an ordained Animist Minister through the Web of Life Church, October 2022.

Whatever your philosophy or spiritual beliefs, I practice inclusion and find diversity in nature's healthiest environments. You can be whatever flower you want to be in the garden of life. The practice of Animism informs the way I work with plants, humans and the integrity for which I approach my own life. 

Folks ask me what Animism is and these are some words to describe it.

An understanding that all things animate and inanimate possess a spirit or essence

Attribution of soul to animals plants,

& geographical places

Earth honoring

A belief in a supernatural power(s) that organizes and animates the material universe

"A process that encourages an individual to see themselves as equal in the web of life, as a contributor to a sustainable lifestyle" Web of Life Church

Workshops & Education

Animism & Spiritual Practices with Plants,

Heart Healings &

How Plants Heal, mind body & spirit

Click on the Workshops tab for information.

Web of Life Church

Interview with Kristina Daniels, Ordained Minister of Animism

Ceremony, Ministry & Education
for mind, body & soul

Death Ceremony

End of Life Aromatherapy


A 1 oz bespoke blend of oil formulated to provide comfort and dignity for the person dying. Our olfactory nerve ends in the part of the brain that regulates memory and emotion. Through the process of dying aroma/scent may provide emotional and physical comfort for a loved one.

Suggested price range $65, to $120

Please select the price that works with your budget

Aromatherapy for Grief 

This appointment will be used to identify the emotions one experiences following significant loss. Information will be shared about essential oils that can provide comfort and support during bereavement. Based on the consult, together we will develop a unique essential oil blend for you to use aromatically (inhalation) or topically. 

Suggested price range $65, to $120

Please select the price that works with your budget

A Story for saying Goodbye

For a touching story about the death of a pet

 check out "Avery Finn says Goodbye".

Live and digital story readings under services & consultations

Workshops & Education

Essential oils for Grief

Heart Healings

Click on the Workshops tab for information.

white rose blossom in shadow
Desert Blooms


As an ordained minister and officiant, I will work with you to bring your traditions and values together in a ceremony that reflects the harmony and balance found in partnership, and expressed through your vows. 

Customized vows

Interfaith ceremonies

Earth honoring ceremonies

Intersectional ceremonies

Vow renewals

Wedding information

Wedding Officiant

This service includes a meeting prior to your ceremony to walk thru legal paperwork for the marriage license, personal details, ceremonial requests and expectations. 

 I will officiate the wedding ceremony on your special date, with the service ending after documents are witnessed and signed, following your ceremony.

Suggested price range $300, to $600

Please select the price that works with your budget

Free Consultation

 Personal Spirit Ceremony

Major life transitions can awaken a need for energetic and spiritual ceremony. An acknowledgment of the change happening within your Self. 

Creating ceremony brings awareness and intention to the process of change, it observes where you are and where you are going. 

After talking through your intentions, we can design a personal spirit ceremony honoring the changes within your inner and/or outer being. Transitions can be for many reason(s).

A new Vocation

A Marriage

Integrating a Death

Integrating a Birth

Ending a Significant Partnership

A Physical Move or Relocation

Integration of Plant Medicine 

Letting something go

Bringing something in

an Ending

A Beginning



In our appointment we will talk and create a ceremony that represents your transition. An aromatherapy tool will be provided in support of your steps.

Suggested price range $65, to $120

Please select the price that works with your budget

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