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Skin Care as Self Care

Thank you for perusing my services. I am a licensed skincare professional who wants to meet you exactly where you are at. I believe in teaching the practice of skin Care. I understand that to better take care of each other and this beautiful world we are all a part of, we must know and practice how to care for our Self.

My aim, is that your skincare routine become an expression of self-appreciation. A cleansing routine can be a ritual to support your best self and include intentions for the day. It can also serve as a practice to transition both face and mind, from day time occupations into relaxing steps for slowing down.

I welcome anyone who has felt uncomfortable in their own skin. It is my professional endeavor to create a space where you can relax and begin to explore the beauty of your Self.

I want to encourage your beauty to unfurl from within. Skin offers us an observation point from which to view the body and the health of its systems. I can observe your pores and elasticity, and watch for the stories your body’s largest organ (your skin) has to share.

I believe skin is inclusive of every one, and that it is time to stop supporting unrealistic, racist, ageist, exclusively able bodies, as our beauty goal(s). I will not promote one version of beauty, I embrace diversity in all its wisdom.

I believe skin is a tool for empowerment and I view purchasing power as a way to express values. I strive to support small, fair trade business, female business owners, and business owners from diverse communities, companies who are cruelty free and harvest ethically sourced plant materials.

I keep the plants in mind when deciding which skincare products and lines to recommend. I ask you to please be aware of which plants and trees you choose to use in your routine. Our oceans health is at risk and so are our rain forests. Several species of sacred trees are routinely used by the beauty industry including Frankincense, Sandalwood, Baobob, and Cedarwood. Many of these trees have within their family (Genus), species that are threatened and/or on the endangered species list. And while companies don't harvest what is endangered they readily take from the species that are not. I have a tough time with this, because resources (forests and animals relying on them) are precious, and so are the communities who depend on their harvest. Because of the complexity, as well as the healing properties these life forms offer the skin, I will upon occasion, recommend a product sourced from trees.

Nature is my guide. Eco systems work together to support growth and I will work with you and the whole planetary community (inclusive of plants, trees, insects, natural habitat, animals and humans) to do the same.

I am here to witness the map of your facial features with all its colors and dimension; how lines and creases host laughter and struggle. With gentle hands, I want to feel the indents and scars, the pimples, bumps and irritation you describe as imperfect. The condition of your skin speaks about your past and present. I will listen, and help you move towards what you are striving to reach in the future.

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