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Audio Recording for Avery Finn Says Goodbye

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Hello friends, I am writing with the link to a second children's book. This story will be available through a link on YouTube October 9, 2022.

Spoiler alert : This "tail", is about saying goodbye to a pet friend. I wrote this as a way to process my own grief, later sharing it with Avery's veterinarian who encouraged me to share it with folks who had lost their beloved furry friends. As you know, I am not interested in publishing on paper. I do however enjoy reading to you. And, I have been encouraged to keep illustrating, so the audio version does include illustrations.

Having a background in counseling, training as a death doula, as well as becoming an ordained Animist minister, I think it is important to talk about death, prepare for it because, it is one of the most important transitions in this adventure we call Life.

We (the cats and I) hope you enjoy our story, and allow for the tears if they arrive. The link is below. Please share with friends and family (and maybe your vet). Click it, or paste it in your browser, and enjoy another journey with a cat named Avery Finn.

If you haven't listened to Avery's first adventure. Here is the link.

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