Kristina Daniels

Certified Aromatherapist • Workshop Facilitator • Licensed Esthetician • M.Ed.Counseling • Photographer


K daniels front.jpg

In 1995, I began a career in social services as an advocate, counselor and educator. I left the field in 2016, to pursue a license as a natural esthetician and fell in love with the ingredients used in skincare products and the science behind the botanical properties. This led me to a deeper connection with the plants and my studies in aromatherapy. Two hundred and sixty five hours of hands on (in-person) study, science based research, case studies, and exams focused on anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and botany set the stage for accomplishing my first certification in Aromatherapy. 


Then there is my passion for the environment, specific to the preservation of sacred trees and sustainable, ecologically responsible harvesting for essential oils, which is paramount to my practice. Whether I am teaching a workshop, or we are meeting for an aromatherapy or skincare appointment, it is my intent to share a level of enthusiasm for these amazing plants and their oils that offer deep healing both on the emotional and physical plane. 

In 2019, I became certified in death midwifery to deepen my understanding of the death process, so I may extend aromatic and sensory support at end of life. I travel to home and bedside, bringing herb infused oils, floral waters and essential oils to assist with creating a calm and supportive environment for a person nearing death. 


If you have questions about aromatherapy or the services I offer, I can be reached through email,

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