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Storytelling has been a way to share information and open dialogue since humans began communicating. 

I am practicing the art of storytelling as a way to talk about new adventures, how we approach death and say goodbye, as well as making new frien

Through the eyes of a curious cat, Avery Finn, and our three books (so far), we promote conversation and dialogue around topics and emotions like sadness, fear, and grief, as well as celebrate unplanned journeys in life, laughter and friendship. 

As a professional practiced at facilitating discussion in roles of educator, counselor and minister, I welcome dialogue in a friendly and inclusive manner. After reading the stories, I host question and answer, as well as discussion around the subjects of the story. 

To schedule a live reading with the author, see the Services/Consultation link. 


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Have you said goodbye to a beloved? 

Death is a subject that some folks find challenging to talk about. I approach death as a natural part of our life experience. Pet, friend or any type of goodbye may be experienced as a loss. How we talk about death, how we experience the emotions of grief can be shared in a supportive and safe way. 

Have you made a new Friend? 

Making friends is not always easy, and we can have feelings about new people and new situations. This is a story about change and finding things in common with a new friend. 

To schedule a live reading with the author, see the Services & Consultation link. 


In this story Avery Finn finds himself outside of the house, and begins an unexpected adventure. Join him as he hunts birds, climbs trees and gets lost from home. An introductory story for humans of all ages who enjoy life's unexpected journeys. 

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A story for anyone who has curiosity or experience with death. Avery Finn says goodbye to his friend Ms. Dixie, a cat who has a terminal illness. I have shared this story with friends young and old and the reviews are similar, a sad "tail" but one worth sharing. The story is told from the view of Avery, it is more observational than philosophical. It is my feeling that by giving people a platform to share this story it will allow us to talk about how death is a natural part of our life cycle.

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In this adventure, Avery Finn meets a kitten named Kaya. Join Avery in this adventure as he takes steps towards making a new friend.

Live & Digital Storytelling

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