salt with herbs

Bespoke Formulations

be·spoke    /bəˈspōk/     Made for a specific customer or user 

There are three products to try and which range in price depending on the ingredients and the product(s) selected. Try a facial steam to open pores and clear sinuses with a custom selection of herbs and florals. If you like soaking in a tub, I can fashion an aromatic bath blend for you to sink into. A body oil is a nurturing way to care for your skin and your soul. Scent can transport us to the past, take us into an unknown future and hold us while we rest, it can deepen, heighten and ease our senses, encouraging balance physically/emotionally/energetically in our body.

Bespoke formulating began with a passion for plants and the healing they offer both skin and soul. While working towards a certification in aromatherapy, I learned how to infuse oils with herbs as a method for healing skin and body wounds. This sparked my imagination because I am also a licensed esthetician whose understanding and practice of natural skincare stems from ingredient knowledge.

 My foundation for understanding plants and the healing they offer through their chemistry, came from practicing aromatherapy and skincare. While working as an esthetician in Tucson, I developed a facial where I would custom formulate a face mask and botanical serum for the client, based on the needs of their skin. I am selective and careful in my own practices of sustainability and do not take from endangered ecosystems. I no longer promote plants for their use to achieve external beauty, their medicine is complex as well as precious. The longer I work with plants the deeper my understanding for their right to have a healthful life experience, and be used for the purposes of healing. My service is to create a bespoke formulation for your (or a beloveds) use in Self care. 


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Oil Infusions

Oil Infusions are created by soaking dried plant material, herbs and flowers in a botanical oil. 

Some infusions steep for up to 6 months. I allow the process to unfold naturally and am guided by the how the botanicals are absorbed into the various oil bases.

As the botanical oils absorb the physical plant chemistries to treat pain, muscle spasms, or calm and condition the skin,  I also expose the oil to music, a sunny window, prayer, a full moon, an eclipse and ​Solfeggio frequencies. For photos and information about the oils, you can find me on Instagram@ Kristina_Daniels_Essentials.

Oil Infusions and Botanical Formulations are used in the creation of aromatherapy blends, schedule a Cognitive Sensory session which includes a bespoke botanical formulation. 

Oils after a full moon

Oils under cloudy sky

oils with flowers

Botanical formulations with flowers

Creosote and Lavender oil with Rainbow

Under the Rainbow

oils with spring blooms framed in window.jpg
Frankincense infusing in olive oil
Botanical oils resting in morning sun; blossoms below were the first to open this spring 2022. 
Royal Body Oil

The Frankincense infusion is used as an ingredient in the Royal body oil.
presently sold out

This Frankincense resin has been infusing in a base of olive oil since August 2021. August 2022, is the target date to strain this infusion. It has been invaluable for medicine and blends ranging from skin repair, to application on tumors and abnormal skin growths. In addition to the physical attributes, Frankincense may offer an emotional sensation of grounding and assist with meditation and spiritual connection. 
pamphlet for serum and hand blended oils.png

The Frankincense infusion is an ingredient in the Everlasting serum.
presently sold out

Creosote and Lavender roller

The infusion of creosote with lavender is a popular scent and reminds most of the desert after a rain. 
A batch is infusing, expected Sept 22


Creosote, Larrea tridentata
A primary ingredient used in the Creosote & Lavender Oil
This photo was taken on a walk in Tucson. Creosote give off a special aroma after it rains, which many say reminds them of smell of rain. 

Lavendula stoechas

Lavender, Lavendula stoechas
This french lavender was growing underneath the window of my old house. It is nice for relieving chest congestion.
A different species of Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) was used in the Creosote & Lavender Oil pictured above.

Rosemary with blossoms

Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis
I was inspired this spring to create a new infusion using Rosemary and Creosote. Much like the lavender and creosote, the blend offers anti-microbial powers as well as a relaxing scent. I anticipate the blend will be strained in August 2022.

The process for making medicine matters.
How we treat plants and our ecosystem matters.
People committed to preserving Our environment go the extra mile to make sure the botanicals they are using are free from pesticides and other environmental pollutants. 
People who love plants will choose botanicals from ethically harvested areas, as well as ethically minded businesses including fair wages for all agricultural labor (plant tenders). 
Our plants and trees are under threat, please be conscious of how you consume.