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This is an attempt to provide additional information to those searching.
This is a place to start with a collection of academic articles on healing plants, the chemistry and impact from essential oils to endangered plant species used commonly in practices of skincare and aromatherapy. 

I am involved in an Animist ministry program and seeking deeper connection to the creation (Creator) of life. As I come across articles, videos and philosophies I have included links. 

This page includes information about the "Isms" tied to the ways in which oppression, the colonizing mind and privilege operates in the structure of American and International systems.
Because of the long standing violence that comes from human hands, please educate yourself and share resources. We can not choose the time we live in, but we can choose inclusion and not violence. 


/ēˈkäləjē/  noun
The branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.


3:37 / 27:47

If You Drink Water You Should Watch This! Amazing Secret of Water - Influenced With Sounds & Intent; The 5th Kind;

Viktor Schauberger - Comprehend and Copy Nature (Documentary of 2008);

It's true: The sound of nature helps us relax -- ScienceDaily;

Prices Soar as Corporate Profiteers & Speculators Drive Inflation; It Hurts the Developing World; Democracy Now;

Treeline: The secret life of trees;

A call for governments to save soil;

25+ Remarkable Ways to Conserve and Protect Soil Fertility;

The Uncomfortable Truth About Deep Sea Mining;

Mining for rare earth minerals;

Anti Oppression Resources

The rise of white supremacy and its new face; MY 2019;

"Coded Bias"; a documentary on Netflix, 2022. 

Moonchild: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert; Dec 20, 2019;

Roe v. Wade Cold Open - SNL; 5/7/2022;​

"Mrs America"; on Hulu; a docudrama about the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment).

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, If You're Nasty: Week In Review | The Amber Ruffin Show;

“The Talk” That Every Black Family Has About Police | The Daily Show;

Disability: Ask us anything;

Angie and Haley Present: Gaelynn Lea;

"What Was Ours"; Amazon Prime documentary; Director Mat Hames; 2017

Ilhan Omar on Ending War, Global Refugees, Russia Sanctions & Why More Saudi Oil Is Not the Answer; 

If Prosecutors Represent America, Why Are 95% of Them White? | The Amber Ruffin Show; 

Hair salon for autistic children opens in Sheffield; BBC website;

How Billionaires Got $637 Billion Richer During The Pandemic;​ 

ABC James Baldwin interview; originally aired in 1979;​ 

"The Cotton Pickin Truth Still On The Plantation" 2020; Amazon Prime


China's forced-labor cotton market dredges up grim memories of American slavery; By Hayes Brown, Opinion Columnist; Dec. 17, 2020;

Life inside the taliban; Vice News;


"Intersexion"; a documentary on Amazon Prime

Why Can’t Hawaiians Afford To Live In Hawaii?;

Purposeful Steps Away From Ableism | Alyson Seale | TEDxChilliwack;

Your Privilege Is Showing | Lillian Medville | TEDxBeaconStreet;

How does cost of living impact folks with disabilities;

"How Not to Be an Invasive Species"; by ALEJANDRO FRID, 2019 published by Yes!

"Gather" on Netflix; explores Indigenous American movements that aim to rediscover identity and reclaim sovereignty through ancestral foods.

Why aren't there more Native American restaurants? | Sean S

2021, Vice, The Unstudied link between the Co-vid Vaccine and Periods;

1989 - American Indian Activist Russell Means testifies at Senate Hearing; Youtube;

"Exterminate all the Brutes"; Written and Directed by Raoul Peck. On HBOmax

Documentary on Amazon Prime called, "Contact"; directors Martin Butler & Bentley Dean 2009. Witness how colonialism operates through video footage from the 1960's in Australia.

Inequalities in Health Care regarding Covid 19; Interview with a Canadian Dr.;

The Next Question hosts' interview guest, Brene Brown;

How much do people know about LGBT History? Find out by watching this cool video shot across the pond. This one features UK history, what do you know about US history...

Martin Luther King Jr. Saw Three Evils in the World, Racism was only the first.

What Really Happened at Standing Rock


LGBTQ+ Community Debates 2020;Vice; &

A conversation about Race and Privilege with Angela Davis and Jane Elliott

Megan Ming Francis, Ted Talks Getting to the root of racial injustice


White people for black lives;

"Notes from the Field", HBO live one woman show about the school to prison system, Actress Anna Deavere Smith

What is the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Anti Violence, Anti-oppression resource page

Study Guide; The rights of Indigenous People

The NDN; Mission and Campaigns

Change keeps Happening;  1/6/21; Rev. Warnock wins GA Senate Seat;

Natives react #29, An empowered way to change the story; CNN calls Native Americans, "Something else" ;

Sexuality and Disability: Forging Identity in a World that Leaves You Out | Gaelynn Lea | TEDxYale

The NY Times presents the 1619 Project


Why protests are happening around the world for George Floyd


We Cannot stay silent, Hasan Minhaj


Ava DuVernay, press conference about the 13th amendment (13th amendment doc is free on Youtube)


Lyla June, Healing Women and Nature, through a Navajo Lens


Hidden perils of white supremacy in the trump era

How Structural Racism Works, Tricia Rose

White Fragility, Dr. Robin DiAngelo

Rep. Al Green

Trevor Noah, the Daily Social distancing show, Brianna Taylor;

Why are black and white funeral homes still separate? Ask a Mortician

The Bail Project

Racial Capitalism


Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Aging Woman Syndrome; Stefana Serafina

We should all be feminists, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. T.S. Eliot

Energetics and Spirit Resources

This is a collection of alternative views. I do not endorse any person listed nor do I claim any one thing as truth. The truth is something you decide for your Self.  I list information to offer varied perspectives

The Mystical Experience - In Sufism, Judaism and Christianity; Feb 2019;

Freedom is Clarity - Shunyamurti Classic Teaching;

First scan of a dying human brain shows life flashes before eyes;

The World is Unreal—as is Death - Questions and Answers with Shunyamurti;

On The Road With Thomas Merton;

Sister Joan Chittister: Change the World; Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations Podcast;

Be Free of Ego's Chaos: How to Raise Your Vibrational Level ~ Shunyamurti Teaching;

War and Peace Within | Thich Nhat Hanh (short teaching video);

Releasing OLD LOVES & LOVERS - Alberto Villoldo;

Paula Hurlock "Humans Are Electromagnetic Beings That Must Spend Time In Nature To Fight Anxiety";

Bring the world to a blissful conclusion - Shunyamurti Teaching;

Mei-lan Maurits | Sound Healing | Heart Chakra | Peaceful Music;

Caroline Myss - It is the Age of the Unthinkable;

Caroline Myss - Organic Divinity Welcome Message;

A System Built on Lawlessness and Lies Cannot Last - Shunyamurti Teaching;

Using meditation to overcome fear of death; a podcast by the big D; 

Magic Path of Intuition by Florence Scovel Shinn, Narrated by Mary Muse;

Compassion cannot come from misery; 

You're here to help the Earth heal;

Your Uniqueness is Your Power, with Helle Weston | Deja Blu Podcast EP.50;


Heal yourself with breath;

Reality is Not What it Seems - Shunyamurti Teaching;

Win the Battle for Salvation - Shunyamurti Teaching;

The Human Spirit is Rising—Now Our Divine Spirit Must Be Activated;

Dua Lipa Asks Stephen How His Faith And His Comedy Overlap; 

How Sacred Geometry is embedded in Your DNA - Secrets of Geometric Art;

Giving back to mother earth- Alberto Villoldo;

Honoring ANCESTORS - Alberto Villoldo; 

Finding INNER PEACE w/ Matias De Stefano | Live Awakened with Jose Reynoso;

Sadhguru & Lewis Howes talk about karma abundance and perspectives on healthful living;

Radiate grace in 2022, Caroline Myss;

How To Open Your 7 Chakras As Explained by CarolineMyss; 

Humility,Karl Sagan;

What really matters at the end of life | BJ Miller;

Skincare Resources

Want to support small business owners, committed to natural skincare, with backgrounds including aesthetics, product formulation and aromatherapy, who are committed to animal safety and plant sustainability? Some of these lines are handcrafted, producing small batches for sustainability and using recyclable packaging. Other lines promote inclusion for groups under represented and often overlooked in the beauty industry. Check out some of these resources. 

Veronica Lorenze, former Professional make up artist, and creator of the The Vamp Stamp, and eye liner that can be applied by self (using a stamp method for application) or applied by another to produce cat like, lined lids.

Kohl’s Kreatives, Trishna Daswaney designs makeup brushes for everyone, and if you have a motor disability, there are tutorials and support available.

Ayele's approach to beauty is not a one size fits all approach, and I agree with this. Its why ingredient knowledge is so important (based on ingredients, the cleansers look amazing).

Klur, is a skincare formulator and a former esthetician. Her vision is to create a brand that reflects the values of clean, ethical and inclusive beauty. Her products represent a minimalist routine with incredible ingredients, both luxurious and sustainable.

Angie Watts began her journey into skin care by creating an eczema formula for her daughter. Her Deep Cleansing oil is worth checking out if you are into the oil cleansing scene. (I love her cleansing oil!)

The owner and formulator for Herb' N Eden is inspired by nature and farmers markets. The detox deodorant kit is something that can boost your health and her soaps are all natural and plant based.

Indigenous-owned brands a part of beauty’s inclusivity conversation;  Proudly Indigenous. Unapologetically Beautiful. If you love make-up, check out the brush collections!; Laurel organics begins with plant medicine for the skin. This skincare line focuses not only on healing the skin slowly and naturally, but focuses on the importance of working with the land.

DVINITI skincare looks beautiful! She is using flowers in her oils, and self care is a key principal of her business.

Sia Botanics is a skincare line local to Tucson, Arizona. Using fruits from the desert, they use a wholistic approach, with no plant wasted. This Vegan line uses a new container called an eco tube and its made from sustainable sugarcane. 

Botnia lots of wonderful things happening on this farm to bottle company.

Oil cleanse techniques;

Integumentary Information

Stratum Corneum layer

Natural ingredients

Natural oils and skincare

Resource list of Herbal Farmers (see Rosalee De la Foret)


Child labor and the Truth about Shimmering Cosmetics; Refinery 29

Truth about where Hair Extensions come from; Refinery 29

Sacred Trees, endangered resources used as ingredients in natural products

Baobob Trees National Geographic;

Baobobs in Danger;

Climate change and Baobos;

United Plant Savers, Sandalwood;



Pregnancy and Natural Skincare

Hyalauronic acid and pregnancy/breastfeeding

Living libations blog on pregnancy and breastfeeding, safety of products;

Pregnant and Breast Feeding skin;

Sunflower oil better for neonatal


Aromatherapy - Cognitive Sensory Resources


Clanton Melissa A.; Menopause: understanding and managing the transition using essential oils vs. traditional allopathic medicine;   A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Diploma of Aromatherapy 401 Australasian College of Health Sciences;

International Federation of Aromatherapists; Aromatherapy and menopause;

Myung-Haeng Hur,1 Yun Seok Yang,2 and Myeong Soo Lee; Aromatherapy Massage Affects Menopausal Symptoms in Korean Climacteric Women: A Pilot-Controlled Clinical Trial; 2007;

Treatment of long loss of smell and Parosmia after COVID-19, complete guide;

Influence of Fragrances on Human Psychophysiological Activity: With Special Reference to Human Electroencephalographic Response;

Olfactory Cortex Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, 2009;


Effects of odor on emotion, with implications by Mikiko Kadohisa; 

MINI REVIEW article; Front. Syst. Neurosci., 10 October 2013;

Olfactory nerve; Physiopedia;

Anthony Wright, Ph.D., Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, McGovern Medical School; Chapter 6: Limbic System: Amygdala; Revised 10 Oct2020;

Threatened essential oil species

Endangered trees and Essential oils,rosaeodora)%2C%20atlas%20cedarwood%20(Cedrus


Conservation with attention to essential oils

Priyanka Singh and Aditi Chaturvedi1; Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cancer Pain Management: A Systematic Review

Cold Flus and Inhalation of essential oils

Essential oil articles for pain and neuropathy


R. Gatefosse Documentary

Resource list of Herbal Farmers (see Rosalee De la Foret)