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This is an attempt to provide additional information to those of you searching. This is a place to start, with a collection of academic articles on healing plants, or those endangered species used commonly in practices of skincare and aromatherapy. There are articles featuring specific skin care ingredients as well as brands/companies I am exploring  who are representative of the value system I strive to operate from. There are titles to identify skincare and aromatherapy resources, and this page begins with information about racism, and all the "isms" tied to the ways in which oppression operates in the structure of American systems.


 Because of the long standing violence that comes from human hands, please educate and share resources, because Skin is not a threat. 

Anti Oppression Resources

A conversation about Race and Privilege with Angela Davis and Jane Elliott

Megan Ming Francis, Ted Talks Getting to the root of racial injustice


White people for black lives;

Notes from the Field, HBO live one woman show about the school to prison system, Actress Anna Deavere Smith

What is the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Anti Violence, Anti-oppression rexource page

Study Guide; The rights of Indigenous People

The NDN; Mission and Campaigns

The NY Times presents the 1619 Project


Why protests are happening around the world for George Floyd


We Cannot stay silent, Hasan Minhaj


Ava DuVernay, press conference about the 13th amendment (13th amendment doc is free on Youtube)


Lyla June, Healing Women and Nature, through a Navajo Lens


Hidden perils of white supremacy in the trump era

How Structural Racism Works, Tricia Rose

White Fragility, Dr. Robin DiAngelo

Rep. Al Green

Trevor Noah, the Daily Social distancing show, Brianna Taylor;

Why are black and white funeral homes still separate? Ask a Mortician

The Bail Project

Racial Capitalism


Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Dixie Chicks March March video;


We should all be feminists, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Skincare Resources

Want to support small business owners, committed to natural skincare,with backgrounds including aesthetics, product formulation and aromatherapy, who are committed to animal safety and plant sustainability? Some of these lines are handcrafted, producing small batches for sustainability and using recyclable packaging, and these skincare businesses are owned by women of color. 


Ayele's approach to beauty is not a one size fits all approach, and I agree with this. Its why ingredient knowledge is so important...based on ingredients alone, the cleansers look amazing.

Elements of Aliel, has a Rose C Glow duo that features one of my favorite ingredients, rose hip seed oil.

Klur, is a skincare formulator and did her field work as an esthetician. Her vision is to create a brand that reflects the values of clean, ethical and inclusive beauty. Her products represent a minimalist routine with incredible ingredients, both luxurious and sustainable.

Angie Watts began her journey into skin care by creating an eczema formula for her daughter. Her Deep Cleansing oil is worth checking out if you are into the oil cleansing scene.

The owner and formulator for Herb' N Eden is inspired by nature and farmers markets. The detox deodorant kit is something that can boost your health and her soaps are all natural and plant based.

Serafina, Stefana ; The Aging Woman Syndrome, or How Women Keep Away From Their Power

Stratum Cornuem layer

Natural ingredients

Natural oils and skincare

Oil Cleansing resources; great for information about specific oils and demono on one way to cleanse;

Resource list of Herbal Farmers (see Rosalee De la Foret)


Child labor and the Truth about Shimmering Cosmetics; Refinery 29

Truth about where Hair Extensions come from; Refinery 29

Sacred Trees, endangered resources used as ingredients in natural products

Baobob Trees National Geographic;

Baobobs in Danger;

Climate change and Baobos;

United Plant Savers, Sandalwood;



Aromatherapy Resources

Aba love apothecary has some amazing looking tonics and oil blends. The ingredients in the Grooming oil/Men's facial serum look well matched for any skin type and its multi purpose for folks who want one product to do it all.

Threatened essential oil species

Endangered trees and Essential oils,rosaeodora)%2C%20atlas%20cedarwood%20(Cedrus


Conservation with attention to essential oils

Sunflower oil better for neonatal


Priyanka Singh and Aditi Chaturvedi1; Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cancer Pain Management: A Systematic Review

Cold Flus and Inhalation of essential oils

Essential oil articles for pain and neropathy


R. Gatefosse Documentary

Resource list of Herbal Farmers (see Rosalee De la Foret)

Alternative resources

Krista Scruggs, meet a cool lady who believes wine is farming.

Support local bookstores, try the bookshop

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