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Workshop Facilitator    Certified Aromatherapist    Licensed Esthetician

M.Ed. Counseling    Ordained Minister   

Certified Death Midwife 


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 I offer professional training material and knowledge that can be uniquely organized for a private workshop or group. I enjoy teaching small groups as well as, educating students & licensed professionals. 


Topics can be presented as a training or a workshop. Training sessions share research based data and interactive learning designed for a target audience and are typically shorter in time. Workshops center around activities like formulating an aromatherapy product with a particular health or emotional focus. 


As an educator, I am committed to providing research based education while promoting the ecological and safe use of essential oils and  botanical  ingredients. 

I have been licensed as a skincare professional since 2017, I am a certified aromatherapist, meaning I have conducted research and completed 265 in person classroom hours of study including chemistry and botany, anatomy and physiology. I have a masters degree and twenty years teaching and facilitating inclusive and active learning environments. I've pursued end of life knowledge through certification in Death Midwifery and provided end of life care. I completed a year long program, becoming ordained as an Animist Minister in 2022.  


Heart Healings (workshop)

This unique workshop offers an opportunity to work with a special selection of essential oils and includes making an essential oil blend that will address your own personal heart healing.​ We begin with breathing and movement, then focus on the internal with a writing exercise. This  interactive workshop includes a small paper journal, education on a selection of essential oils that promote emotional healing, as well as the creation of a 1 oz essential oil blend created uniquely for your heart. 

Animism & Spiritual Practices with Plants (workshop)

An inclusive workshop centered on how we form relationships with the plants we associate with spiritual ceremonial and ritual practices. Together we will create a sacred object or a botanical formulation, while learning about the plants chosen for the ritual. We'll contemplate the importance of knowing a name (Genus and species), where specified plants live, as well as explore cultural misappropriation and endangered species used in common retail products like smoke bundles and essential oils. Let's contemplate the healing power of plants and how to be in right relationship to nature.

Let's discuss your ideas and group needs by scheduling a free consult.

Workshop Materials

Training & Workshops


Using our Senses for Self Care

Let us begin with breath and greet our ears with sound, relaxing our senses with botanical offerings. This training looks at how to use our senses throughout the day and create caring moments of awareness in support of our body mind and soul. We will learn how aromatherapy can stimulate or relax our nervous system. From Shiatsu to essential oils, with focus on our natural surroundings we will practice simple steps to care for our Self using sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch.

Supporting First Responders (addressing grief, trauma, fatigue and burn out)

We'll learn how to use our senses and nature to balance our selves, before chronic stress becomes burn out. Practices of self care, life balance, and aromatherapy shared as tools for taking care of our body mind and spirit. We suffer physical and emotional consequences healing & caring for others if we are not also taking care of ourselves. This is vital training for first responders, chaplains, social workers, mental health professionals, healthcare services, employees from funeral and death industries, and law enforcement...anyone working on the front lines of public health, mental health and spiritual health. Other great workshops for First Responders is Heart Healings and Essential oils for Grief.

Essential oils for Grief

We'll identify symptoms accompanying bereavement and explore the physical, emotional and spiritual impacts of grief. And, we'll talk through pairing botanical tools (aromatherapy) with your senses to balance the impact on mind, body and spirit. Tools and practices connected to grief, loss, and bereavement, will be shared. This topic works nicely as a workshop, by including an activity to create an aromatherapy tool for grief support. 

Empowered Beauty & Health 

Use your purchasing power as a reflection of your values by supporting the health of the planet, and all the life forms it supports (special attention on plants, deforestation and endangered species used in skincare products and essential oils). Learn what to look for on labels and ingredients, collect resources and applicable information to assist you in acting as a conscious consumer. Important information for anyone interested in environmental sustainability efforts using beauty and health products, botanical oils, essential oils and more. Great information for students studying esthetics, cosmetology & massage. 

How Plants Heal: Mind, Body & Spirit

We have been in relationship with plants since the beginning, our breath links us together. And yet, how much do you know about the plants you eat and use for healing, internally and externally? We'll look at how our senses impact our brain and central nervous system, how we humans have interacted with plants since recorded history 5,000 yrs back, and the health of our relationships with plants and ecosystem present day. This is a great opportunity to reflect and become aware of your daily interactions, perceptions and behavior with species (plants and fungi) that have successfully evolved with our planet for 700 million to 1,300 million years. 



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