Certified Aromatherapist • Workshop Facilitator • Licensed Esthetician • M.Ed. Counseling 

I am passionate about sharing research based information concerning the history, science and safe practice of essential oils. 

 I offer professional training material and knowledge that can be uniquely organized for a private workshop or group. I enjoy teaching small groups of oil enthusiasts as well as educating students & licensed professionals. 


Workshops and training are not about selling anything, it's education based. Training sessions share research based data and interactive learning designed for a target audience. Workshops center around formulating an essential oil product with a particular health or emotional focus. 


As an educator, I am committed to providing research based education while promoting the ecological and safe use of essential oils and botanical  ingredients. I have been licensed as a skincare professional since 2017, I am a certified aromatherapist (meaning I have conducted research and completed 265 in person classroom hours of study including chemistry botany anatomy and physiology), I have a masters in counseling and twenty years teaching and facilitating inclusive and active learning environments. 


As a trainer I charge $75 hourly. If we formulate products with essential oils, please anticipate a supply fee. I travel to offices, esthetics & massage schools, and staff retreats. Training topics can be based on a workshop such as Heart healings or customized for groups. 

Training Topics

Using our Senses for Self Care

Let us begin with breath and greet our ears with sound, relaxing our senses with botanical offerings. This training looks at how to use our senses throughout the day and create caring moments to support our body mind and soul. We will learn how Aromatherapy can stimulate or relax our nervous system. From Shiatsu to essential oils, with focus on our natural surroundings we will practice simple steps to care for our Self using sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch.

Sustainable Practices with Health and Beauty

Important information for anyone interested in using their consumer powers to support sustainability efforts using beauty and health products, botanical oils, essential oils and more. Learn what to look for on a label, collect resources and applicable information to assist you in becoming an empowered consumer. Find out how to use your purchasing power to support your values in supporting the health of the planet, and all the life forms it supports (special attention on plants, deforestation and endangered species used in skincare products and essential oils).

How to use Essential Oils, Training for the Professional


Geared for those already licensed in skincare (students) or other body work professionals like massage, reiki, acupuncture, energy workers, mental health professionals, health and well being professionals. Discuss natural ingredients, essential oils and other botanical ingredients with a licensed professional. Do you want to include essential oils or aromatherapy products in your professional practice? I would like to assist how you can safely and easily incorporate a variety of natural botanicals and enhance your knowledge and skills. 


Training can be customized for groups 


Discuss a workshop or training topic by texting 505.977.4331 

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Workshop Materials

Workshop Descriptions

How to build relationships with Plants

A species inclusive workshop centered on how we form relationships. This workshop can center on specific plants, like plants that heal, or feature popular plants used for essential oils and natural products. We will learn the importance of knowing a name (Genus and species), where plants grow and what eco systems they are a part of, as well as exploration of endangered species used in common retail products. Considering the healing power of plants, let us get to know more than just what plants can offer us and begin to explore what we might offer them in return. 


Care for the Caretaker

This is a terrific match for a group ready to learn and practice daily rituals of self care. If you are caring for a case load, a loved one, little one(s), professionally or personally, the ways in which we prioritize our Self, our Body and our Mind is a disciplined practice. This workshop can be structured to meet the group need. It can range from breath work, the written word, creating an essential oil formulation to making an epsom salt soak. With humor, information and activities we will practice ways to create space and time to nurture your Self. 


Understanding Essential Oils 

Begin your exploration of essential oils. Learn the basics of aromatherapy (a little bit of chemistry, a dash of botany, add two parts Latin and anatomy combined with a large dose of common sense).  Discover how essential oils are made, the chemistry behind the healing, how to safely use essential oils, as well as how to become a socially conscious consumer.


Heart Healings 

This unique workshop offers an opportunity to work with a special selection of essential oils and includes making an essential oil blend that will address your own personal heart healing.

The heart healings workshop begins with breathing and movement, then focuses on the internal with a writing exercise. This is an interactive experience and includes a journal exercise, education on a selection of essential oils that promote emotional healing, as well as the creation of a 1 oz essential oil blend to support your own heart's healing. 

Essential Oils for Grief & Bereavement

A workshop dedicated to exploring the emotions and symptoms experienced during the journey of grief, bereavement and loss. Learn how to use essential oils and our senses to experience support through the transitions of grief. Together we will learn about the plants essential oils come from, different ways for using botanical oils leading into participants formulating their own essential oil blend for support. 

The Art of Floral Design 

Relax and center while learning how to arrange flowers. I enjoy teaching a beginner level class, as well as instruction on Ikebana, a Japanese style of floral arranging. This can be set up as a self care workshop using design as a tool to cultivate breathing, focus, concentration, creativity and fun! 

Workshops are customized and vary in price due to materials.

Workshops are priced on the size of group, the topic and cost for materials.  Let's discuss what your needs are,,

505.nine seven seven, 4331