Certified Aromatherapist • Workshop Facilitator • Esthetician • M.Ed. Counseling 

I am passionate about sharing research based information concerning the history, science and safe practice of essential oils. 

 I offer professional training material and knowledge that can be uniquely organized for a private workshop or group. I enjoy teaching small groups of oil enthusiasts as well as educating students & licensed professionals. 


Workshops and training are not about selling essential oils, it's education based. 


As an educator, I am committed to providing research based education while promoting the ecological and safe use of essential oils. 


As a trainer I charge hourly, offering a sliding scale ranging from $60-$90. I travel to offices, esthetics & massage schools, and staff retreats. Training topics can be based on a workshop such as Heart healings, or customized.

Training Topics

An Introduction to Essential oils  

History Use and Safe practices; great for professionals interested in using oils 

Essential oils for Women

Can be inclusive of all ages or focused on a topic like menopause/periods/PSOD

Essential oils and First Aid

All the best essential oils to keep in your medicine cabinet and backpack

Care for the Caretaker

Learn techniques for self care using essential oils


Training for the Professional 

Geared for those already licensed in skincare or other body work professionals. Discuss natural ingredients, essential oils and other botanical ingredients with a skincare professional. Do you want to include essential oils or aromatherapy products in your practice? I would love to work with you to assist how you can safely and easily incorporate a variety of natural botanicals to enhance your practice in skincare. 


Training can be customized for groups, so can pricing.


Discuss a workshop by texting 505.977.4331 

Calls are received  Tues-Sat  9-4 Mountain time,


Please contact to schedule a private workshop or training

Workshop Materials

Workshop Descriptions

Understanding Essential Oils 

Begin your exploration of essential oils. Learn the basics of aromatherapy (a little bit of chemistry, a dash of botany, add two parts Latin and anatomy combined with a large dose of common sense).  Discover how essential oils are made, the chemistry behind the healing, how to safely use essential oils, as well as how to become a socially conscious consumer.


Heart Healings 


This unique workshop offers an opportunity to work with a special selection of essential oils and includes making an essential oil blend that will address your own personal heart healing.

The heart healings workshop begins with breathing and movement, then focuses on the internal with a writing exercise. This is an interactive experience and includes a journal exercise, education on a selection of essential oils that promote emotional healing, as well as the creation of a 1 oz essential oil blend to support your own heart's healing. If you bring your own essential oils bring a selection of at least four. I recommend cedar wood, frankincense or ginger, any citrus or flower, bergamot, eucalyptus or geranium, any oil that encourages a smile or brings you comfort. 

Essential Oils (period)  

This is a great class for friends and women of all ages to bond, laugh and share ideas for health and healing. Come learn about essential oils that help with monthly cramping, mood swings, bloating, and more! Design your own bath blend and create a personalized oil blend to address your body concerns. If you are bringing your own oils I recommend four to six choices because you are creating two different products. Recommendations are geranium, bergamot, clary sage, cistus, roman chamomile, arnica, lavender, peppermint, cypress, clove, vetiver, marjoram, or any oil that brings a feeling of relaxation and peace. 

Blending for grief 

Blending for the varied emotions experienced during the journey of grief. This workshop is being developed and will be offered soon, please email for further information.

Workshops can be customized, please contact for more information,