Photographer • Nature and Plant Enthusiast

Kristina Daniels



I have had a camera in hand most of my life. It began as a way to record the beauty I saw in the world. Lately it feels more that I am documenting the plants and flowers around me, trying to share their beauty, so we can slow down and appreciate what we have, and consider changing our behavior so our impact on this planet is lightened.   

I hope the beauty of our natural world enchants, as well as invites you into exploring relationships with the flora and fauna that surrounds you.  


It is my intent as an artist to capture a moment, a breath, the interplay of light on leaf or the shadowy veins of a flower petal. The search for beauty is deep and should take us within. 

Our planet is in need of our help. Please join me in being conscious of the impact we have on our living planet. May our footsteps be a practice of impermanence.

Nature Photography

"Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." 

Hans Christian Andersen