Kristina Daniels

Certified Aromatherapist • Licensed Esthetician • Death Doula • M.Ed. Counseling 

The transitions life offers us can be supported, enhanced and calmed through the senses. I am weaving together my knowledge of the human psyche, the integumentary system and aromatic chemistry to offer a variety of unique healing services.


As an esthetician, I focus on providing relaxation through the senses using natural ingredients to guide your skin into its best condition. Book a service with me at


My aromatherapy practice focuses on providing emotional support through any life transition. Services may assist with relief from physical or emotional pain and provide a means of self care, as well as include aromatic experiences inviting in creativity, celebration and expansion.


As a certified Death Douala I  provide aromatic and sensory support at end of life. I travel to home and bedside, bringing herb infused oils, floral waters and essential oils to assist with creating a calm and supportive environment for a person nearing death. 

Please join me in being conscious of the impact we have on our living planet. May our footsteps be a practice of impermanence. With gratitude...


Aromatherapy and Healing
Natural Skincare
Death Douala
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It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know the sense of wonderment and humility-
Rachel Carson
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