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The transitions life offers us can be supported, enhanced and calmed through the senses. As a professional I am weaving together my knowledge of the human psyche, the integumentary system and aromatic chemistry to offer a variety of unique healing services for both skin and soul. I'm referring to this as Phyto (plant) Therapy, or the use of plants to assist in supporting your health and well being.

My passion for the environment specific to the preservation of sacred trees and sustainable, ecologically responsible harvesting for essential oils, as well as the flowers & herbs is paramount to my practice.


When blending serums to address facial care, I focus on providing relaxation through the senses using natural ingredients to guide your skin into its best condition. In addition to to creating custom skin care products, I offer a selection of services including aromatherapy, links can be found below ...


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Text 505. 977. 4331 to schedule an appointment, or inquire about a product.

Appointments available  Tues - Sat 9-4 Mountain time



It is my practice to approach plants and nature as medicine for body, mind and spirit. I offer elements of aromatherapy in my selfcare services using aromatic products and essential oils to uplift the spirit as well as heal the skin. 

My practice applies knowledge from the field of esthetics however, I am not offering skincare services. I am combining my education and experiences, like ingredients, to offer relaxation through the senses, using the healing components (medicine) of plants. This is Phyto (plant) Care.

In June 2021, I created space where folks may receive in person self care treatments. I also take appointments using digital platforms; facetime, zoom. Please see the service menu for steps to schedule. With gratitude.

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In Person & Digital  Appointments
Tues - Sat 9-4 Mountain time

It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know the sense of wonderment and humility-
Rachel Carson