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Kristina Daniels

Using your Senses to Heal

Nature provides Medicine for Body, Mind and Spirit




My practice uses skills from aromatherapy, esthetics, ministry, artistry, death midwifery, social justice and environmental advocacy. Services and modalities for inner healing, use sight, touch, sound, and smell (our senses) as channels for healing.

My specialty is working with plants as botanical ingredients to support emotional healing, including grief work and rituals for self care. I share information about healing and the value of nature, through workshops, services and ceremony.  

 Appointments are taken using digital platforms with facetime & zoom. Services also available in person.

Workshops and Training 

Professional training with topics ranging from ceremonies for self care to empowered natural beauty, making smoke bundles and talking about Animism. Information can be customized for a workshop or group, presented digitally or in-person.

The Art of Storytelling

 Through the adventures of a cat named Avery Finn, we explore gentle ways to talk about death, making new friends and having adventures. Schedule an in person reading or a digital story hour, using the consultations & services tab. 


Discover the beauty of the natural world through my lens. I create an annual calendar and post on Instagram @ five28_hz


 I officiate weddings and life/death transitions with ceremony and ritual. I also teach workshops explaining Animism and ceremony with plants.

Aromatherapy & Essential oils

My passion for plants and their healing ability drives the alchemy for infusing aromatic and botanical support for skin and soul. One on one sessions are available, as well as workshops for groups; services & consultations tab to schedule. 

dried flowers

Facial Steams are available to purchase through the service, Bespoke formulations.

Nature is a teacher of mine and I often work with her tools (plants) to unite healing with ceremony. The chemistry plants produce for health and healing is what we use in aromatherapy as medicine to heal our body, mind and spirit.

 Our breath connects us intimately with plants, through the exchange of oxygen & carbon dioxide. Plants and fungi share their bodies with us both as food and medicine, and if to complete a cycle, our flesh is returned to nature in death. The more I observe plants and ecosystems, the more I believe humans might learn from their 700 million years of successful evolution on this planet


using your senses

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Through an array of services, there are opportunities for you to get in touch and heal your inner self. Find extra details about services under the About tab.

May your journey for healing begin with an inward gaze. 

What's  New
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Live Reading Avery Finn Says Goodbye Sat & Sun (2).png

 Expanded Workshop topics,
Ministry services,

 on YouTube, I'm reading three children's stories I've written and illustrated (links below).


The Adventures of Avery Finn
Avery Finn Says Goodbye
Avery Finn Makes a New Friend

In person or digital reading events can be scheduled using the services/consultation tab.

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